Sunday, July 23, 2017

I'm finally back!

Actually, most of you know I've been back for 10 days. Truth be told, I just forgot last Sunday because I was out of the habit. I promise I'm now back on track.

This was one of my favorite photos from Africa. This little boy is three or four and is a student at the school on Charles and Karen's property that Karen started. She trains the teachers in the Montessori method and it's very obvious that the children love the activities. This little boy has a tray of salt along with different letters of the alphabet that he must trace in the salt. As you can see, he did great and he was proud!

This trip was so monumental for me that until something more dramatic happens in my life, I will continue to post photos with the story behind them. I'm just so happy that Brenda and Chris want to go back in the next two years and are willing for me to tag along. They are great traveling companions and I love them both dearly!

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