Sunday, June 25, 2017

Three Days till Africa!

Actually it's four days because I'll leave here Wednesday morning, meet Chris and Brenda in Amsterdam, and arrive at the Kilimanjaro airport on Thursday evening. It's hard to be excited at this point because I'm very anxious and a little nervous. Once my bottom hits that first airplane seat, serious excitement will take over. I have to first take a 3-hour flight to Detroit with a 3-hour layover. Then an 8-hour flight to Amsterdam where I'll have another 3-hour layover. Then a 9-hour flight to Killamanjaro where we will be met by our safari tour guide and taken to a hotel, billed as the gateway to the famous Tanzanian ‘Northern Safari Circuit.' Then four days of travel through the Serengeti in our own private Land Rover.  The last day our tour guide will take us straight to Bunda, where Karen, Charles, and John live.

I still have to go to Verizon to decide what travel plan I need. I have an app for texting, so will really just want to access Facebook during the safari so I can post pics. Once we get to Bunda, I'll be able to blog, which will be on July 3rd. However it might not happen till the 4th, so after you've all finished your beer, eaten your hot dogs, and watched fireworks, check back here. 

The next two days will be frantic as I finally pack, make sure I don't go over the 33-lb limit for inside Tanzania, try to cram it all into carry-ons, and take the dogs to their respective caregivers. And then... let the games begin!!!

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