Sunday, June 4, 2017

Loving Life!

I really enjoyed my first week with no commitments, but am starting to get bored, so I'll have to find a project or something next week. I also didn't make it to any exercise classes because they were cancelled on Memorial Day and Wednesday I met Kitty, Cathy, Trudy, Chris and Kristin for lunch. I'd picked a place halfway between Cathy and me because it was just supposed to be us, but as happens regularly in that family, if anyone gets wind of lunch, they join in. And it's always fun regardless of who shows up.

Fortunately I'm getting more steps in now because Simon is having balance problems (like mother, like dog) so can only go for a short walk in the mornings. So we all go around the block while he does his business and then I take him home. Glory and I then take a long walk like we used to and I'm actually getting some exercise. Simon has really slowed us down and he doesn't mind going home early, so it's working well. The vet is still trying to figure out the problem, but she thinks it's related to the diabetes. As long as he doesn't walk too far it doesn't seem to be a problem.

And now I'm off to have dinner with a neighbor. We've worked out a super barter deal. I did her taxes for her and now she's going to plant all my new flowers for me in return. I'm elated because I hate to garden and the landscapers can't get to it for a couple of weeks. You know how I love a win-win!

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