Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Begins!

So sorry about yesterday, but it didn't feel like Sunday until it was too late. Manuel came out for dinner and stayed until my bedtime, so i just didn't want to stay up any longer. And for all of you who may be thinking there might be a relationship here, you're right... we're good friends and nothing more. And I'm perfectly happy with this arrangement. Sorry to burst any imaginary bubbles that may have formed, but he is and always will be just a very dear friend.

Last week I tutored Thomas for the last time and mentored the two brothers for what may or may not be the last time. Mentors are encouraged to continue on from year to year with their mentees, but I never really felt like I had connected with these two boys. I'd already decided to tell the counselor to ask them if they want me as their mentor next year or if they'd prefer someone new. So imagine my surprise when Sean, the 5th grader, told me on Wednesday that he hopes I will be his mentor again next year. It really made me happy. He'll be in junior high, but not far from here, so I guess I'll see him again in the fall. The 2nd grader is another matter, but we'll see how it goes.

Bottom line... I'm really looking forward to my first week with no obligations (except exercise classes). Let the games begin!

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