Sunday, May 14, 2017


I got my typhoid and yellow fever vaccines this week and I'm not happy. First of all, they were very expensive and secondly, the yellow fever is still red, swollen, and hurts. Fortunately my nurse friend told me it's not uncommon. I had to go to a health clinic recommended by my GP's office and the guy was a serious weirdo.
This sign was one of five in the consultation room regarding cancellations, showing up late, etc. The vaccines were very expensive and he even charged me $25 just for writing the prescription for anti-malarial medication. What a ripoff! But the bottom line is... I'm ready to go. Still waiting on my passport (due to the bruised face photo), but I've been told if I haven't gotten it by the end of May, I can expedite the process, for a fee of course.

My take on all this is that this is my trip of a lifetime, so even though I may bitch about the little things, it just doesn't matter. I do feel I need to shelter in place between now and June 28th, just so I don't break a bone or get infected by someone, but since my worst accidents happen in my house, that's probably not necessary.

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