Sunday, May 21, 2017

Let the games begin!

I just finished my last tutoring session with Alaeldin until the first of August and while I'll miss the extra money, a break will be good for both of us. I spend too much time trying to find things for him since he doesn't do schoolwork, but I look at it as time well spent. His dad told me today that their family is going to Sudan this summer because that's where he and his wife are from. They'll be gone a month and I'm flying back the same day they are... what a coincidence.

And tomorrow will be my last day tutoring Thomas, too, also until the first of Aug. I think I've finally convinced his parents that he needs to hit it again before school starts, but it remains to be seen if I really have. Regardless, I'm looking forward to my vacation from all my kids, too. I'll still be seeing Tristen at Krause House, of course, but all my school-related activities will be put on hold. Yee haw!

Until I was a teacher, I never knew that teachers are just as excited about summers as the kids are. And when I'd tell my students that, they were always surprised (so I had to tell them every year).

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