Sunday, May 7, 2017

Busy Week

STAAR testing is this upcoming week, which is Texas' standardized test, so I did a lot of tutoring. I saw Thomas three times to review and I feel like he's as prepared as he could be. The only thing I couldn't get him to agree on is that he should work all the easy problems first and then go back to the others. His thinking is that he wants to get the hard ones over first, so his brain can rest on the easier ones. This is his first year of testing, so I didn't hammer too hard, but did try to explain that the test is timed and he doesn't want to run out of time before doing the ones he knows. We'll see...

I went to a birthday lunch with some old friends, a birthday dinner with 20 of my new friends, and hosted a Kentucky Derby party yesterday. Add in errands, walking the dogs, and exercise classes and it made for a pretty busy week. But because of the testing I won't be tutoring or mentoring this week, so feel like I'm on vacation. Looking forward to it!

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