Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ten Days till Africa!

I'm happy to report that week 2 of my exercise regime went well. I only missed yoga on Monday because the gang left early and I just needed a little quiet time (pretty sad excuse). But I went to my three Zumba classes and still love it. The only bad part is that after class I pretty much drive home blind because apparently when I'm really tired, my double vision kicks into high gear. Once I'm home and cool it goes away, but I have the route memorized and it's only 10-15 minutes away, so what's the big deal? And when in doubt, I close one eye and I get oriented again.

Monday I met Kay for lunch in Sugar Land, which is 30 minutes from Katy (maybe that's why I talked myself out of yoga) and ran into one of my wine-drinking neighbors in the restaurant. How weird! Kay had just come back from two weeks in France where her son got married, so I loved hearing all about it.

Yesterday I went with a group from Heritage Grand to Krause House where we did line dancing with the girls. One of the women's granddaughter was there and she did current dancing, which the girls seemed to enjoy way more than our old lady line dancing. But it was good exercise regardless.

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