Sunday, April 16, 2017

Washington Wineries

Tuesday I had an appointment to get my passport for Africa this summer and will laugh for many years (hopefully) because my face was still bruised. No amount of makeup hid it all and sadly, the photo is NOT attractive. But it's done and I'll just live with it for the next 10 years.

Friday, three friends and I flew to Seattle to begin a week's vacation in Washington's wine country. When we made these plans in the fall all four of us foolishly thought it would be spring here, but how wrong we were. We saw snow on our way here and many of the surrounding mountains are snow-capped. Regardless, it's still beautiful country.

Yesterday we went on a day trip, starting with tasting in a winery, followed by a couple of hours in a casino where I'm excited to report, I won $210! Then we stopped by the Grand Coulee Dam and toured their facilities. It was a long day, but very productive.

This morning we rested and then went to a big Easter brunch in Chelan, the nearby town. Afterwards we came back to the condo, took a long walk beside the lake, and then came back for games. Tomorrow we have another day trip and may hit a few more wineries. This is definitely my kind of vacation!

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